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Best pancakes in Perth and Brisbane

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Best pancakes Perth Brisbane

Best pancakes Perth Brisbane

Freshly-Made Pancakes, Baked to Golden Perfection and Served with Original-Recipe Ice Cream

Our pancakes are freshly made from scratch and they are certainly not reheated frozen packs, like the ones that are widely available in supermarkets. Gelāre pancakes are freshly prepared with all natural ingredients, and served with a range of toppings such as Geláre’s special pancake syrup, fresh cream, bananas, berries and your choice of ice cream.

  • Classic (syrup + fresh cream)
  • Blueberry (classic pancakes + blueberries)
  • Banana (classic pancakes + banana)
  • Choc Chip (classic pancakes + choc chip)
  • A la mode (classic pancakes + 1 scoop ice cream)
  • Churro (classic pancakes + cinnamon sugar + choc sauce)

Visit Gelaré for pancakes Perth and Brisbane patrons have come to love. A taste sensation that is nothing short of sheer deliciousness.


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