Smoothies & Blended Drinks

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Chill out with a range of natural blended drinks bursting with taste and flavour

If your day isn’t fuelled by coffee alone, try our selection of ice-cold blended beverages, the perfect refreshing cold drink on a hot summer’s day, but are also unbelievably tasty even during winter. Available at Geláre cafes in Perth and Brisbane, our selection of delectable liquids on offer include our doubly delicious milkshakes made with the luxurious Geláre ice creams, iced coffee created with the finest coffee beans, and chilled smoothies blended to perfection and strained over crushed ice. Refreshing, and made to impress your palate.


Cool down with Geláre’s smoothies and blended drinks, made from the smoothest ice cream and freshest fruit, using natural ingredients. Visit us today.